Runescape Money: Merchanting

If you know what you’re doing then buying and selling things at the grand exchange can be almost a little too lucrative but then again who said money makes people evil? Oh yes I forgot I did once but at least this isn’t real money. Now the whole idea of merchanting is going over to Varrock and heading up to the grand exchange. Once you’re there you just buy some stuff and sell it. Now it wouldn’t help if you didn’t know how to buy and sell.
Merchanting has one very good thing about it and that is that you don’t need any levels to be successful. Sometimes you might make more money through merchanting than through any skills. I will assume you have enough money to buy some god armor. Let’s start with a guthix full helmet. One may cost anywhere from 350k – 450k.

Now you might start asking how in the world do I know what price to buy it for? Well it is simple for god armor. When the price of god armor goes up then you buy it for the market price and sell it for the highest price. When the value goes down you buy it for the lowest price and sell it for the market price. If you really want to then you can wait until the items value is falling and buy it just as it starts going up and then sell it when the price is much higher for the max price. Usually you just buy the item and sell it back as soon as possible.

This is almost a miniature stock market but you should know that you should not ever buy any rare items like Santa hats if you’re a member since they do not sell well. If you don’t have the 400k then you can start out merchanting air runes which trade in huge volume so they should sell a bit faster. Eventually you should get the feel of the grand exchange and hopefully you will be able to make a couple billion gold. Good luck and happy merchanting!