Diablo 2 Resurrected Uniques

Diablo 2 Resurrected Uniques


Diablo 2 Unique has modified that are not found on any other Items since the Unique item’s stats were custom-created by Blizzard North. The is randomness present in the properties of the Unique Items as they often occur in one or the other range. For instance, 100 to 120% improved damage even though each Unique item is recognizable by its stats and appearance.

Unique Item List

Before we move any further, let’s take a look at the Unique Items available in Diablo 2. The following list will be based on ‘Class-Specific Unique’ and ‘Items’ (Amulets, Rings, Scepters, etc.).

Assassin Unique Items are Amulets, Crossbows, and Rings. Amazon Unique Items are Axes, Daggers, and Scepters. Barbarian Unique Items are Belts, Gloves, and Shields. Druid Unique Items are Body Armor, Headgear, and Spears. Necromancer Unique Items are Boots, Javelins, and Staves. Paladin Unique Items are Bows, Jewels, and Swords. Finally, Sorceress Unique Items are Charms, Maces, and Throwing.

Unique Special Properties

Unique Items can have various Modifiers that differentiate them from Magical and Rare Items. Unlike such Items, there are no rules to the Modifiers that can be added on Unique Items. They have a significantly higher defense or damage power, and they assist with adding tons of Special Modifiers, Hit Points, +Magic Find, +%Hit Points or Mana, and other fascinating things that can’t be done by Magical or Rate Items.

You need to know that not every Unique on the platform is useful, and some are the best Items of their type. However, the Unique Items added in the expansions are of high quality, making each one of them desirable to obtain.

Unique Usefulness

Even before ‘Runewords’ were drastically improved in patches 1.10 and 1.11, Unique Items, along with a few individual Set Items have developed the most powerful equipment in Diablo 2. As mentioned above, not every Unique is useful for end-game purposes, but even the lower-tier ones are quite special, as they are often helpful for a particular character or gameplay. They can be utilized to make helpful ‘Twinks’ since they are better in terms of comparison with Magic or Rare Items.

Other Special Properties

Apart from the TDE normal bonuses that it has to offer in terms of damage, resistance, or stats, Unique have their own special properties that can’t be found anywhere in the game. For instance, they offer Deadly Strikes, Blindness, Fire Boost, Slows Target, Crushing Blows, Open Wounds, Target Freeze, Boost Mana, and Freeze Duration.

You may notice in the game that the mentioned properties have an ‘asterisk’ after them in the item description section.

Unique & Rare

Players often get confused with diablo 2 Resurrected Unique items and Rare Items since the early Diablo 2 days. However, experienced players have no such difficulty, but if you’re a fresher, you may need a little brief about it.


Rare Items look almost as same as the diablo 2 Unique Items (otherwise known as d2r unique items). Their name is entirely displayed in yellow, and they have a stack of Modifiers along with usual names. Yes, they are random in name and Modifiers, and they are also more common to obtain than Unique Items. Players obtain Rare Items when they have the NPC named Charsi imbue something in the form of a reward for completing the main, ‘Horadric Malus’ quest.


Diablo 2 resurrected unique items are the same as they were in the first expansion. The only confusing part is that their name (known as diablo 2 resurrected unique items) is written in either dark gray or gold, but the attributes and names are similar to that of Diablo’s. It’s important to know that their drop rates are very infrequent, and they have variability in their stats in both expansions. Other than that, Armor slightly varies in Defense bonuses and weapon durability for d2r unique items.

Important Example

As you can see in the picture, an item can either be Rare or Unique depending upon its stats. The difference between the two is that a Unique (Skewer of Krintiz) will always remain unchanged with respect to its stats. Whereas a Rare (Eagle Gnash) is completely random, and by that, I mean, its name, item type, stats, etc.

There’s a massive database for the first and last names for Rare Items, and each one of them appears on some item types, while at some they don’t. You can say the same for Modifiers to understand better. The listed Mods on a Rare are either Prefixes or Suffixes, but rather than the name, they are listed by their effects. For instance, the 1-8 Lighting Damage mentioned in the picture is ‘of shock,’ and the +66 attack benefits towards the ‘Silver’ Prefix grants.

Crafted Items

If you’re new to the expansion, then Crafted Items can get a little confusing. In less complicated words, Crafted Items are developed in the Horadric Cube with the assistance of another item, along with jewels, gems, and runes.

During your gameplay, you will come across various Recipes, and you can utilize each one of them to create Items that always have the same pre-set Modifiers. However, they also generate with 1 to 4 random Modifiers similar to Rare Items. Crafted Items written in Orange are known to be half Unique or half Rare, with possible Modifiers that cannot be achieved on Rare Items. Some are quite useful, so you might want to look into Recipes too.